JBEG custom ring
11-21-2012, 11:56 PM,
JBEG custom ring
My old cut five stone ring arrived yesterday and unfortunately it was not as I expected. The gold is visibly copper (stated as yellow gold) to the extent that when I asked my family to name the color of gold they said "penny colored" and my dad said "brass colored." When I asked them if they considered it to be yellow they stated definitely not. I contacted Grace asking to return it for credit towards a custom setting for OEC ring that I recently purchased from the pawn shop. She agreed to do that and so I will be contacting her further to work out the details. It has the spread of about a one carat round. It will once again be for my middle finger, size 10. There is metal that shows around the diamond which makes me lean towards platinum as it wouldn't give the yellow gold halo. The small diamonds would likely be replaced with tiny pink diamonds. OR what I am leaning towards but not sure how the yellow halo would look is 14k yellow gold with the inner two diamonds being light pinks and the two outter diamonds being light yellows. From what I can tell from the photos the craftmanship looks beautiful and so far Grace has been very kind to work with. If anybody has a testimonial I would love to hear those too!

Lisa Halo JBEG

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