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Exclamation  TFL Moderators
Moderators help keep our TFL Community a friendly, welcoming place filled with inspiration and advice for all sparkle lovers.

Join the TFL Team!
The Facet Lounge is looking for members that are known to be passionate, personable, and helpful to be part of our moderator team. We’re looking for active contributors to the site who have a history of contributing to conversations, creating new threads, and interacting with fellow TFL’ers. You must have a minimum of two months of active membership, and have achieved at least The Florentine (250+ posts) status to be eligible for consideration. You must also know our rules and lead by example. Members must be in good standing and you must love TFL and the community and be excited to make the boards even better!

What is a TFL Moderator?
A Moderator is someone who:
-Provides mature, objective, and supportive advice
-Has a reputation for being a source of inspiration and advice in our community
-Writes friendly, helpful, and insightful posts

What does a Moderator do?
Moderators are responsible for warning members for inappropriate conduct and unapproving threads that violate our terms of service. All mods must understand the community rules and apply them appropriately.

-Moderators keep an eye out for bullying and malicious comments, and comments that are posted to stir the pot or create tension
-Ban solicitors, vendors, or anyone who is trying to sell something on the boards
-Welcome new members and offer assistance and advice to new members about how to best utilize the community

A Moderator helps to make both new and existing TFL members feel welcomed; elevates topics of interest; and helps to ensure that our community remains a welcoming, helpful, drama free community.

Want to be a Moderator for The Facet Lounge?
To apply, please answer the questions below in an email to: with the subject “TFL moderator application”

1. What is your username?
2. What is your post count at the time of this application?
3. Are you over the age of 18?
4. Do you work in or plan to work in the jewelry industry? (If at any point in the future you become employed or open a business in the jewelry industry, we will ask that you step down to prevent any potential conflict of interest.)
5. Are you now or have you ever been affiliated, either personally or professionally, with any other jewelry sites? If so, please list.
6. Do you think it is a violation of our TOS for a vendor to sign up to post on TFL?
7. What is a troll? Do we encourage them to post in TFL?
8. What jeweler owns The Facet Lounge? Are you familiar with any of their products?
9. Who can post in the “Buy My Bling” section of the forum?
10. Why do you want to be a TFL Moderator?

Joseph Schubach Jewelers
please email for quotes and inquiries
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