baking CZ
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10-05-2012, 11:06 AM,
baking CZ
this is a common question, so I thought I would make it a sticky.

Why do people bake CZ? To enhance the warmth, steeliness, and depth.

So if you feel your CZ looks glassy and unrealistic, try baking it. But please remember, it is at your own risk!! If you would cry if you ruined it, maybe don't bake it...

1-make sure the loose stone(s) or jewelry is perfectly clean. If there is dirt, oil, or finger prints, they will bake on.
2-place the stones or jewelry in a baking dish.
3-put the dish in a cold oven.
4-turn the oven on...I bake at 425F, others do 350F or even cooler. It is up to you. I bake for 2 hours, others bake for 45 minutes. Again, your call.
5-turn off the oven, and let your stones cool inside.
6-repeat if you want to Smile

So just remember... clean stones, no sudden temperature changes, and at your own risk. Cool

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